Week 13 NFL Picks

Welcome to week 13 in the NFL where the picks were better than the week before. Last week I went 11-5 and am looking to do better again this week. What a wild and crazy weekend it turned out to be. Ndamukong Suh stomped on a player and received a 2 game suspensions, Novak of the Chargers had to answer the call of mother nature, the first coach was fired Jack Del Rio, and the Saints gave an old fashion whipping to the Giants.

Philadelphia at Seattle- What a disappointing year for both of these organizations. Last year they both made the playoffs and barring a major miracle neither one of these teams will repeat this year. On offense I just think the Eagles have to much fire power to lose this one. Regardless of whether or not Michael Vick plays in this game the Eagles should be able to find a way to win. If Vince Young does have to start at the quarterback position he has to do a better job of managing the game and limiting the amount of turnovers. Mikes pick Eagles

Oakland at Miami-Carson Palmer and Company make the long trip east this week to take on the Fins. Oakland must improve its red zone efficiency if it hopes to go anywhere in the playoffs. They will not win in the playoffs if SeBass must kick 6 field goals on a weekly basis. Miami was on a bit of  a hot streak up until last week and even though they are currently the favorite I don’t see them winning this one. Carson Palmer and company are just to explosive on the outside. Mikes pick Raiders

Kansas City at Chicago-This game has more than its share of subplots as fan favorites Kyle Orton and Thomas Jones make their return to Soldier Field this week to take on the Bears. The Bears are looking to see some improvement in their Quarterback play this week in Caleb Hanie, who threw for 2 TD’s and 3 INT’s last week.  The good news for the Bears is that his counterpart on the other sideline, Tyler Palko threw 4 picks last week. He has yet to throw for a touchdown which should have the Bears secondary licking its chops. If the Chiefs, losers of 4 straight, struggle on offense look for Coach Todd Haley to plug in Kyle Orton. The Bears defense is to good to lose this game. Mikes pick BEARS.

Tennessee at Buffalo- I for one hope to see what Stevie Johnson is going to do for an encore if he scores a TD this week. His team, the Bills, has suffered a number of season ending injuries which has contributed to his teams recent 4 game losing streak. Tennessee has been the team everyone expected them to be this year, winning when they should and losing when they should. I think they should win this game as Chris Johnson seems to be getting on a roll lately. This team desperately wants to make the playoffs and looks at the Texans who have a tough match up this week.  They will want this game more than the Bills so they can make up some ground in the standings. Mikes pick Titans

Denver at Minnesota-All Tim Tebow does is win football games. This week he might have a more difficult time doing so as he will have to go up against everyone’s favorite redneck Jared Allen.  The Vikings are hoping to get back their own savior of sorts, Adrian Peterson. With or without him I think that teams will finally figure a way to beat Tim Tebow and the Vikes are built perfectly for it, drop seven and rush 4. Make Tebow beat you with his arm and not his legs and you will do just fine. Mikes pick Minnesota

New York Jets at Washington- I will be the first to admit that I was impressed by Sexy Rexy and the Skins last week going into Seattle and getting the W. This week at home I think they are going to have a more difficult time of winning against the Jets. As bad as I think Sanchez is on offense I think their defense is that good. Sanchez won’t have to do much to win the game, just avoid turning the ball over and he should guide his team to victory. Mikes pick JETS

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh-Andy Dalton the early season darling of the NFL is in a tough stretch of games right currently.  He faces a team in the Steelers that looked sloppy on Sunday night. I don’t see that happening two weeks in a row. Troy Polamalu has been cleared to play which is good news for the Steelers. I have to question how much longer he is going to play as head injuries seem to be a regular occurrence with him. He is the heart and soul of this teams defense and with him in the lineup I think the Steelers win.

Atlanta at Houston- I can sympathize with Texans fans as they look to a third string quarterback to get the team to the playoffs. Injuries are a part of the game and every team experiences them from time to time.  For the Falcons, Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are to good to lose to a third string quarterback. They have been playing much better football the past couple of weeks. I am getting nervous as I have selected a lot of road teams this week. Mikes pick Atlanta.

Carolina at Tampa Bay- Cam Newton has had as terrific a season statistically as a rookie can hope for. Unfortunately for him wins are the only stat that count. Tampa Bay has been another surprise in the league this year, too bad it has been for all the wrong reasons. After last years 10 win season there was hope that this team would push Atlanta and New Orleans for the division crown, that hasn’t happened. This game should come down to Tampa Bay having home field advantage. Mikes pick Tampa Bay.

Indianapolis at New England- I bet the schedule makers would like a mulligan on this one. The Patriots are beginning to click on all cylinders and this one could get real ugly real quick. Sorry Colt fans, another loss awaits you. Mikes pick Patriots

Baltimore at Cleveland-This is the type of game Baltimore needs to win if it is going to be taken seriously as a Super Bowl contender. They have not had a problem all year getting up for the big games, such as last weeks showdown against the 49ers, but then struggle to get it going against the lesser teams in the league. Ray Lewis’s window for another championship is closing and this could be his last shot. The Cleveland Browns have struggled all season on offense and will rely heavily on Peyton Hillis if they have any shot of winning. I think the can rush for 200 yards and this team still will lose. Mikes pick Baltimore.

Dallas at Arizona-This game will go a long way to determine the winner of the NFC East. Why you may ask? Tony Romo and the Cowboys have struggled to win ball games on the road in December since he has gotten into the league. My calendar says it will be December 4th in Arizona. I don’t know that this will be the year that Romo gets his December woes figured out but the Cowboys are the superior team in this game. I think they will find a way to win especially with all the offensive firepower this team has. Mikes pick Dallas.

Green Bay at New York Giants- The old saying goes when it rains it pours and right now the Giants are in the middle of a hurricane. Last week they were totally embarrassed by Drew Brees and the Saints, it doesn’t get much better this week as the undefeated Packers come to town. Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball at a record breaking pace. As if Rodgers 33 touchdowns aren’t impressive enough the stat that really jumps off the sheet is the 4 picks he has thrown all year. This week the Packers really need to work on establishing the run as they begin to tune up for the playoffs. If the Giants lose this game as I suspect they will, they will find their backs against the wall as they attempt to make the playoffs.

St Louis at San Francisco-This is another game that pits that haves against the have nots. They 49ers should come out angry and aggressive on defense after losing on Thanksgiving. That is terrible news for it opponent, the lowest scoring team in the league. Add in the extra time San Fran had to prepare a game plan for this game and the Rams just might get shut out. Mikes pick 49ers.

Detroit at New Orleans- This game will likely see a ton of points scored…by the Saints. Detroit is rapidly becoming the team everyone in America outside of the hometown loves to hate. There are plenty of reasons; Ndamukong Suh and Jim Schwartz to name a few. If the Lions want to win this game they are going to have to stay in it early as the Saints are not a team that lets off the gas. Having the all pro Suh out for the game isn’t what the team needed as it goes against one of the most potent offenses in the league. Mikes pick Saints.

San Diego at Jacksonville-I read a blog this week urging Jag fans to be more positive at home games instead of booing the home town team. Here is a note to the Jags…give the fans something to cheer about and they will. I think the firing of Jack Del Rio might be enough to get Norv Turner’s head out of the sand and realize if he wants to remain employed he better start winning some games. The Chargers have the talent on the offensive side of the ball to get the job done. This is another example of Mike taking the road team this week as I think the Chargers find a way to stop the 6 game skid they are currently on. Mikes pick Chargers.

disagree with any of the picks this week? feel free to leave a comment

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